business philosophy-ag捕鱼平台

address : #2, linchang road, tangxia town,
dongguan city, guangdong province, china.
call us : (86)769-89252728
mail us : [email protected]
office time : mon-fri, 8:00 - 17:30
sat, 08:00 - 12:00

company's operating objectives

to higher quality ,higher efficiency,customer's need  and hardworking people-oriented
creat ,share ,earn conscience money and be a responsible corperation

management approach

the cultivation of talents ,breakthrough of technogy
precision equipment adopt ,more stable quality ,more reasonable price given to customers

our orientation:

company is small but strong and kind ;products with high-tech;makes the biggest benefit.

favor to tech,professional and precisions equipment is our core competitive.

refuse entice, focus on precision die-cutting,continuous drawing,precision machining articles.

through out the attitude for seeking quick success,slow down the large-scale distention.


our object:

creation and share

we share and step forward together


our mission:

quality, sevice and managment

refine management is the only way to realize the best quality and the best quality ,but nothing else


yalu core values

do what have said ,consientious and try to do best
do not mind hardness but keen on credit ; both process and result are important


yalu rules of survival

rapid response ,best service

"fast" is the fundamental foundation and is the only way to survival .